Random Observations of the Spring Season

Signs of Spring in Denver's Golden Triangle NeighborhoodIt is that wonderful time of year when things wake-up, come to life, and re-surface. The interesting part for me is how different Spring is living in the city compared to the mountains. Right now in downtown Denver, the cold winter days are already giving way to warmer breezes and higher temperatures. This is the kind of weather that sees people out in droves on their cruiser bikes, walking more to work, and still enjoying the mountains with Spring skiing.

Over this past week, I’ve been trying to find that balance of layers that life in Colorado is famous for. After all, this warmer weather doesn’t really kick-in till about lunch or early afternoon. The chill of the morning definitely wakes you up in a brisk way! In the mountains and for outdoor activities it usually entails the breathable socks and long-sleeve under shirt, the wick-away socks and perhaps a pair of long-underwear (the thinner kind though), and then a vest and soft shell jacket. On the other hand, bopping around a downtown metropolitan area (in my case Denver), looks more like zigzag design pantyhose under denim shorts with small heels or boots, a tank top or sleeveless blouse, and then a soft button-down sweater that hopefully later in the day ends up tied around my waist.

Officially, I heralded in this year’s Spring season for myself by bringing my vintage cruiser bike out of hibernation. She was covered in inches of grimy dust and her tires were practically flat from sitting for too long. So off I went with dear Hercules (and yes, she has a name…I’ll get to that soon) and I wheeled her to a local bike shop near me for air in the tires. Next stop was the car wash just down the street for a nice generous spray-down. It was pretty fun seeing all the cars lined up around the block to get a car wash. My mini cooper is still filthy actually, but my cruiser is shiny clean!

My Hercules!So what is this about a bike that I refer to as a “she” and that’s named “Hercules”? Well just about one of my favorite things about this Spring Season, that’s what it is. Allow me to introduce Hercules, my vintage restored 1954 Hercules women’s cruiser. She was made in Birmingham, England the year before the company (Hercules) was bought out by Raleigh. She’s a super small frame and lighter, with a great old-fashioned gear switch that is actually a lever. Hard to explain, but just know that it’s unique and awesome.

I’ve ridden her now everyday for the past week. She gets me to the Rooster and Moon Coffee Pub I love to work from, to the Denver Public Library to return books, Tommy’s Thai on east Colfax for amazing Thai food, Wash Park on my way to business meetings with clients, and on my recent excursion to incredible French food at Le CentralDenver Art Museum and Public Library

I love Spring!


2 responses to “Random Observations of the Spring Season

    • Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed it and thank you for your writings as well. I will be in Spain this summer and will let you know if I make it to Asturias. I certainly plan to try! Happy Spring!

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