One Reflection Leads to Another…and Another?

My last post was written as a reflection on my life thus far. It was inspired by my upcoming 30th birthday and the gift of childhood photos my Aunt Karen sent me. The reflections resulted in thank you’s to the friends and family that have been a part of my life up to this point. It really impressed upon me that because of my past with them, they are also a part of my future. I hope after you read the rest of this post below, you take the time to read this earlier post titled “Reflections on Life Before 30…Thank You!”.

A few days after posting the reflections, I find myself making a point to stay home and stay in tonight. Most nights I can be found working from my favorite local coffee shop, Rooster and Moon Coffee Pub, or at dinner with friends in downtown Denver, or salsa dancing, or maybe at Opera on Tap…you get the picture – I tend to be very social and stay busy…sometimes too busy. But I enjoy being home as well. Tonight I’m home and I made myself some tea. Along with being healthy and great taste, I love this great tea called Yogi for the different proverbs that are written on the little tea tag. Or is it called a tea label? You know, the little folded over paper stapled to the end? I’m not sure what it’s called but let me know if you do. Well the one I received tonight sparked this post and taught me a few things besides what the proverb itself says. Here is what it reads:

“Love what is ahead by loving what has come before.”

Do you get from it what I get from it? I love when I read or hear something and it seems to be exactly what I needed at that moment. This little sentence made me think of how powerful and wonderful it is to take time to reflect on things in one’s life. The reflections I took time for earlier this week have led to another…and yes, even another. Just yesterday I went and hiked the Sanitas trail in Boulder where I have many memories from a very different time in my life…let’s just put it this way – they’re memories that can be bitter-sweet and still make me a little sad now. Yet, I made a point to enjoy this memory-filled place and to stop at the rocks where I would rock-climb and boulder with those who were in my life at that time. Even with how beautiful and true I believe this proverb to be, I think that there are still things from our past that we’re not going to love…that we shouldn’t love. I suppose that there’s a balance. For this place, that is not the case for me. The times I had here were not harmful to me – they were joyful.

Looking at it from either side of a tree...

Sitting in the setting sun in this old spot full of memories, I reflected…and I appreciated…and I loved what had come before. And I am excited and loving what is ahead. My hope for you, is that you take time to reflect on something in your life, and love it. Then see what other reflections it leads to.

Happy reflecting and happy loving!


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