Following Your Heart…and Gut Instinct

Are the two the same? To follow your heart and follow your gut? Many say us women are made with a natural instinct about things more than men are. I for one believe that to be true but certainly not the rule. There are many men who have a great instinct and use it well. And all of us humans in general are very capable of having a strong gut instinct.

I used to be afraid of following my heart and yet found that I tend to have a pretty strong instinct about things. The word I tend to use for it is “sense”. I get a strong sense about things…this is teaching me a lot (and I expect will keep teaching me all my life) about the level of confidence I have in myself, and the ability and willingness to listen to and hear myself. My thought so far in my thirty years of life, is that “following your heart” and listening to your “gut instinct” are one and the same.

So here’s where I like to push the envelope and challenge the typical…maybe you’ve heard like I have many times that when the option to “follow your heart” comes up and is referred to, there seems to have to be a choice to make between that and listening to your head. Well, what if we’re supposed to use both? Why see these most vital parts within ourselves as fighting against each other? From an absolutely medical and physical stand point, the head tells the heart to pump….but then for that matter, the heart pumping blood and even how efficiently it does this, completely affects the brain. The two obviously need each other.

And I know…the two are differentiated and one encouraged to be followed more than the other because of, what else…we all at some point people experience hurt. Or disappointment or unhealthy tendencies…and, rightly so, we don’t want to experience things like this again. With that also comes the ability to act out of fear of being hurt or disappointed again. And is living out of fear the way to really go? I don’t think so.

Well, for what its worth, I feel that I can say that of course we should work hard at making smart decisions for ourselves, while at the same time, maybe we just need to have our heart and our head on the same page and allow them to work together more. Is that a revolutionary idea or what? Think of how it would challenge us in our thinking and approach to life…Because life seems to be full of experiences that can hurt and disappoint regardless of whether we chose with our head or our heart and if anything, maybe we look back and see that we made decisions and only lived by one instead of both. I’m going to give it a try and live by both.

One response to “Following Your Heart…and Gut Instinct

  1. Very wise indeed! and I look forward to reading about the outcome of following both: your head and your heart!

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