What Do You Do With Patience?

What do you do when life turns out completely different from all you expected, all you hoped for? We can take immediate action and run into our next steps. Or we can wait and be still…either way, both ways are right and with questions like these in life, there is no right and wrong. It must be different for each person, in each of our own lives.

In response to my impulsive nature recently, someone sent me the song “Patience” by Guns and Roses…hmmm, yeah…maybe you get the gist like I do…

Don’t you love hearing that word, “patience”. Growing up a Christian and in church a lot, I heard the phrase often “…be careful praying for patience…”. I think there can be some truth to that.

It comes to my mind during this time for me because as I feel at a loss for what to do when life turns out completely different from I expected, this little, but intimidating word “patience” comes to my mind.

I can see that when I fight so hard and so intensely to make things happen, taken control, and do the right thing, I exhaust myself and finally come to the end of myself where patience seems to be there waiting for me…to surrender to its peace and restfulness and wait and…be patient. This is the place and time to not take action and as a dear new friend of mine keeps telling me, to simply “…relax, Amalia. Just relax”. And so when I do and at last stop putting up the fight and my childish struggle, I stop. And it feels good…

To be patient with life, with others, with my past and current circumstances, and to be patient with myself.


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