Inspired by Who?

I consider myself to be a person easily moved and touched. Music and the visual, especially when combined, can move me to tears and take me to float on cloud nine with idealistic visions. What seems to be the common trait among things and people who inspire me is that I don’t go looking for them…they come to. A quote, a video, or a message from a long-ago friend comes as a surprise and leaves me with the gift of inspiration. This week I was especially inspired by my sixteen year-old brother, Brendan.

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Wine and Late Night Writing…

Wine wakes me up in the middle of the night. What I mean exactly is that when I drink a couple (okay, or maybe a few) glasses of wine, I find I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t really sleep. I feel fine…my mind simply races with thoughts and I feel wide awake. My conclusion is that it must be the sugars.

But why not put middle-of-the-night-awake-moments to use and write? This is how I find myself at the kitchen table at 4:34 AM in the morning. I’m in a small rural village of Extremadura, one of the regions of Spain that borders Portugal. My laptop is still on Denver time, which is now 8:36 PM in that part of the world. For a while now I’ve been wanting to spend more time in Europe, especially Spain since I have dual citizenship there. It’s been interesting to see what being gone from my “home-base” of Denver, Colorado does to your relationships. Although we have Facebook and email, Skype and smart-phones, I think that “out of sight, out of mind” is still what happens when one is gone from home. This makes sense to me and I know I do it as well, because after all…we all have pretty busy lives. I think back to earlier times when the internet didn’t exist and people wrote letters, read magazines and newspapers to learn about happenings in the world, and the post was delivered by men on horseback…what a different world and style of communication then.

In college I majored in Human Communications (and no, that does not mean there’s an “Animal Communications” major out there…at least that I know of). Communication between people has always fascinated me. Whether its verbal, written, musical, or physical, I think that humans are always telling each other and themselves things. This can be through their direct words and efforts made and indirectly through their actions and behaviors. Sometimes we’re aware of what we’re communicating and sometimes we’re not. Add to this another person’s perception and how they interpret what you’re communicating…ah, yes…you can see now how deep this can go. This is where late night writing gets into trouble 🙂

All this to say, my ramblings seem to convey, at least in my mind they do, that the wine is the one communicating through me tonight (or in the case of Spanish time, this morning). It feels good to ramble in writing and to even make these somewhat random thoughts public. That is certainly one way that communication has changed drastically over the times…we have such public exposure and outlet for our thoughts and words. So if you find yourself ever awake at odd hours of the early morning or simply contemplating the things of life at any time of the day or night, be encouraged that you are not alone and you can share it…if you would like to. Here’s to communicating with ourselves and others!