Inspired by Who?

I consider myself to be a person easily moved and touched. Music and the visual, especially when combined, can move me to tears and take me to float on cloud nine with idealistic visions. What seems to be the common trait among things and people who inspire me is that I don’t go looking for them…they come to. A quote, a video, or a message from a long-ago friend comes as a surprise and leaves me with the gift of inspiration. This week I was especially inspired by my sixteen year-old brother, Brendan.

Brendan is like the male version of me, even in looks. We both have honey-brown eyes, dark brown wavy hair, and tanned skin. Inwardly, our personable natures are sensitive, loyal, and sweet with an intuitive sense and curiosity of the unseen deeper and spiritual things in life. I’ve realized this more this summer since we’ve had this great opportunity to live together for a month of summer vacation. Lounging on his large bed in our mom’s house in Spain, we were watching videos on Vimeo. He wanted to show me his favorite videos that inspire and encourage him. “Over the past year, whenever I felt overwhelmed and discouraged, I would watch these favorite videos of mine to cheer up and they would help me feel better…” he said comfortably to me after we watched the first video “Yoshi’s Blend“.

I was really touched when I heard Brendan tell me this…he has not ceased to amaze me with the maturity and depth he has for a sixteen year-old. In many ways, life has been wonderful for us and we’re very fortunate. Yet, every life and family has its hardships and we have seen our share of ups and downs in our lives.

How amazing…the people through which inspiration comes. Colors and shapes, landscapes and sound…sensations created by touch and words spoken, and by the stillness of silence…inspiration takes on so many forms. It holds the power to touch another’s life with beauty and hope, whether they’re family or a stranger. Truly this is a chain reaction, perhaps even a cycle of life, because thanks to my brother Brendan, inspiration from other people’s lives and experiences has been passed on to me in these videos. And as I share them here, I hope it continues to forge a trail of inspiration into your life and the lives of those that you may share it with.

These videos are not the only way Brendan inspires me. His person inspires me….his heart and his smile that he so sweetly and so willingly shares with everyone. And his ability to so easily make me laugh. He and our brother Mark are very gifted in making me laugh. We’re all three made up of easy-going natures that at the same time live deeply. They’re both my best friends. What more could a big sister ask for?

Mark on the highline....

Mark on the highline….

Listed below are the four videos from Vimeo that are my brother’s favorites and are now sources of inspiration for me as well. We hope that you enjoy them and share them with others. How have you been inspired recently?


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