The Sound of Our Hearts

Is there such a thing as complete silence?

What about the sound of the thoughts in our heads?

When the outside world is rushing by its easy to not hear…

Our inner voice, the voice of God, may be drowned out if we’re not still.

A simple request, an intentional pause, to stop and open our hearts…

Can maybe show us through what we see, what we need to hear inside.

If we practice listening in the everyday, amidst the noise of our home and world,

Then we won’t be startled – hello, that’s our heart – in the silent moments too.

At first, we may not recognize the sound of our own thoughts.

And it may be that we hear a war between our heart and our thoughts.

Only we can align them together, what we feel and what we know.

Or we may come face to face with not knowing what we truly feel and what we truly know.

We must question ourselves and answer our questions. God gave us this rationale.

So we can know the sound of our hearts and recognize it in the world.

Hello dear heart…there you are…and my thoughts, they welcome you too.

Now there’s a level to life I was missing before, but now I have become aware,

Of the voice of my heart, the voice of God, amidst the sounds of this world I am in.


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