The Love of Movement

I love things that move…

The flow of my fingers along the keys while typing words,

My feet stepping and guiding my body to turn and dance,

Notes ascending and descending from my voice in melodic song…

The beauty of these movements is a tool to create.

From nothing comes something, a sound a word a form.

They connect me with beauty, with invigoration and life.

How remarkable, what we see of these movements and what is unseen.

The unseen of these creativities are a feeling stronger than what I see.

Like the momentum that exists as it begins and is born…

As gravity is invisible and then produces a fall, as matter is unseen and then materializes.

Yet movement requires stillness. This is where it all starts.

A beginning exists, from which movement is born…

Stillness is essential for creation to take place.

I love things that move from within me.

Their source does not have to be explained.

It is all mine to feel and witness coming to life.

It is mine to create with and to be moved by.

Like my fingers along a piano or gliding through guitar strings,

They are prompted by stirrings within me, to culminate in the creation of music.

How amazing…from the unseen to the seen…

From the feeling to the movement…

The movement to creation.


3 responses to “The Love of Movement

  1. Keep writing, you are better each day. But the most important is to let out from within you and you are starting to do that.

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