What We Tell

Don’t tell me this is how it is.

Why must it be as you say it should be?

Don’t tell me, life must go like this.

What do you know of my life and how it should go?

Don’t tell me, this is happiness and success.

Maybe I don’t want your idea of happiness and success.

Don’t tell me I cannot imagine and to be responsible.

To have imagination is the first responsibility I have.

Don’t tell me to be like you and that you have the answers.

I see your life and I do not want it.

Tell me your own story and ask me about my own.

I like stories and I like to share of myself.

Tell me of the impossible in your life and your imagination.

I have dreams and hopes as well and this we have in common.

Tell me of love and how love is in your life.

I can tell you of love as well and in that way we can show love to each other.

Tell me of your happiness without imposing it on me.

I will tell of my own happiness if I have chosen happiness for me.

Tell me of who you are and how you live your life.

I will tell you who I am and we will revel in our differences.

Tell me of what you desire and have yet to learn.

I will tell you my questions and thoughts and we will marvel at our similarities.


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