A Love Letter

A letter to you God is what I should write,

A letter of love and gratitude.

I prayed to run into your open arms,

Yet almost missed you right there in front of me.

In white stone, like a small relic piece,

Mounted on a hilltop against the backdrop of the sky.

I view you from this home, in the corner of my window,

From where I sit and cry out to you,

And sometimes from where I walk along the city streets.

Whether I acknowledge you or not,

You are there watching over us, your heart emotional like mine,

Frail and human, loving and bleeding…

For I live now below the Sacred Heart of Christ,

The statue of Jesus with arms outstretched,

Beckoning me to look up from myself and my problems,

To run into divine sacred love…

And all I had asked for was to run into your open arms.

How precious of an answer, what a tender way to remind,

That you are in the unseen and in the flesh,

Even in a symbol when my heart is in need of something to see.


One response to “A Love Letter

  1. How wonderful and inspiring. Healing can be shared through your writing and it shows that the process is cleansing in your heart.

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