Conflict and Peace

I feel conflicted.

Not quite there and not quite here…

Discomfort and lost-ness is most apparent.

Like I’m gliding through the air and about to fall out of the sky.

I can accept that there will always be things unknown…

There are simply certain things I want to get right…

A kind of life I would like to have and a person I want to be.

These conflicts, this unease…it may be uncomfortable,

Yet necessary and worth it in my effort to live deeply.

Questions can be scary and they involve a risk…

Once that door is opened, our wanderings are set loose.

Deeper and deeper I could sink into this,

Then something simple comes to my mind…

Relax, Amalia…relax. And enjoy this ride of life.

Because despite my thoughts, all things still exist…

And I can be busy living my life,

Alongside these questions and conflicts.

With their existence it also means,

That peace exists for me to feel.


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