There is religion and then there is faith

Perhaps like the artist has canvas and paint, but they still need creativity.

Because, give it some thought and the parallel you’ll see,

That a canvas has its limits and paints can dry up and go bad.

Both materials are not perfect and they each at some point run out,

Yet creativity is the heart of the matter, is it not?

And it is creativity that art is based upon.

So when you think of religion, realize it has its limits,

For it is composed of people and people are imperfect,

But that does not mean it is faith or that faith is not real.

The heart of the matter, the root of it all,

Is that as humans we’re also spirit,

And are made to have faith in something, not nothing at all.

The desire and need is perfect, to have faith in something unseen,

Even if the materials like religion can go bad and let us down,

Faith is there and produces beautiful things,

Just as creativity results in beautiful things we see.


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