Coffee Time


There is nothing like a new morning with stillness and dim morning sunlight.

It is a sweet time for my-self where I visit with God and my heart.

Relaxing in only the moment effortlessly prepares me for the day.

The preparations are like affectionate traditions, endearing to me,

As I heat water, prepare coffee grounds, and set out biscuits to later dip.

Then sitting and reading, meditating and praying, simply being still.

Then adding the ready water, creating that lovely aromatic layer of froth,

Time now for the coffee blend to steep and for me to steep as well,

In my readings and prayers and the coffee in it’s hot water and French press.

When ready to pour, the two are combined, my coffee, my readings, my prayers.

Then from stillness and serene quiet I pour out prayers and thoughts.

Sometimes they come as writings, sometimes they come as songs.

Other times there is more stillness and surrender to the unknown.

Always a place of awakening wonder in my heart and realizations in my mind.

I love my coffee time in the mornings, starting my day with me and God.

My body being nurtured and my soul being fed as the start to my day.



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