Uggggghhhhhh! Frustration!

How horrible it feels,

But worse to experience it,

When it comes upon you unawares.

I hate how it shows up,

It’s the least desired guest.

The trouble I was heading for,

Is now detained from my grasp.

I was so set on my destination,

So set, on my course of self-destruction,

And then I was frustrated,

Which is not a cheap commodity, let me tell you.

One time it cost me a liter of olive oil,

The best that was around,

Another, it cost me what I thought could be pleasure,

At least to that I was aroused.

Aaaagghhhhh! How frustrating it is,

When we get what we prayed for,

Especially because, we realize we asked for it.

But oh, the cost it may end up taking,

If we try to deter even the slightest,

From what is best for our taking.


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