Looking Up


Walking a most glorious trail today, it wonderfully occurred to me…

That looking up and at all the beauty around is the most exhilarating way to be.

Excitement is in my heart as my mind absorbs it within…

The fascinating colors, shapes, and sounds of God’s creation I am in.

Butterflies, birds, and billowing clouds I see…

Flowers dancing and leaves rustling in the breeze.

To not miss a thing my eyes must be lifted high…

Not cast down on the ground letting creation pass me by.

Looking all around me and enjoying all this life,

Is what I don’t miss out on when my eyes are smiling upward.

My heart is full when looking up to drink in all that is around,

And in life I would want to live the same way,

With eyes and heart set high and scanning the sky,

Even if it means a stumble here and there,

Look at all I get to take in and see and fill my heart with.

Why go through life staring at the ground?

The steps may be perfect, but what about all there is to see,

Higher up, off the ground and all around.

Trails differ and bring challenges, just like lives do in their ups and downs.

Looking up when the ground is uneven and steep,

Will cause us to stumble and perhaps even fall,

But what vistas we experience through it all and at the top.

I would rather go through life’s even and easy, uneven and steep mountainous trails,

Being willing to fall and walk imperfectly, yet not miss living and the beauty of life from looking up.



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