What Is In a Storm


The cool covering of overcast skies bringing relief from sunny heat,

That cozy comfort from low hovering clouds tucking us in like a quilt,

And the misty yet impenetrable fog that shrouds in magical mystery.

The darkness is not foreboding but full of quiet stillness and tranquility,

That transformation of invisible air turned into greys and whites,

And rain drops sprinkling down as little miracles of God’s creation.

At times it brings more darkness and more furious winds can blow,

At times it comes with thunder that sounds out through all the sky,

At times it strikes with lighting as a miraculous addition to these elements.

Whether lighter or darker with clouds scattered or consuming the sky,

Whether hovering or moving by with empty still air or rushing wind,

Whether creating or revealing by thundering rain or releasing lightning,

The storm has a life of its own, its character capable of changing,

That comes and goes, ever strong in its presence and impressive,

And reminding us it will return, by what it leaves behind for us…

Nourishing water that feeds and grows,

Cleansing torrents that shape and renew,

Purifying winds that shake free and unburden,

Miraculous elements impacting with sound and revealing with light.

Giving way to clear sky and sunlight, ushering in another miracle.



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