Just One of those Days…


Have you ever had just one of those days?

Can you relate and know what I mean?

It’s like my body is fine, but my mind is fuzzy,

There’s a fog in my thoughts and heart.

No matter what I do, I don’t feel productive,

Instead, I feel hindered and frustrated on every front.

The littlest things start to irritate me,

Even just walking out on the street.

I mean, if people are going to stare,

Why don’t they at least smile?

When I have kids, remind me to teach them those manners.

And for God’s sake! I need an onion to make dinner,

But in Spain, no stores are open on Sundays.

Oh and what is that?

My rehearsal got changed to a different location,

Further away of course and now it’s starting to rain.

There goes lighting and thunder, which I love in a storm,

However I am not cozily in my apartment reading a book,

My emotions are in turmoil.

I’m moody, I’m tired, and I’m female…ahhh…that explains a lot…

I look back now on yesterday and I’m glad to see,

That there was still laughter, music and singing,

Hugs from friends and even gifts.

There was understanding and listening ears,

Patience and kind words, grace and authenticity.

I feel more okay now with having just one of those days.

Those days are just as important to teach and show us things,

That it’s good to laugh at myself and not take things so seriously,

That emotions are good and there to be felt and then let go of.

That gratitude and thankfulness is precious and powerful.

That I don’t always have to be happy and have it all together,

I need my bad days too.

The day will come to an end when I go to bed,

And I will wake up to a new day, a different day,

I can be grateful for the two.



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