The Garden of My Heart


Things in this life can take root in my heart.

The good and the bad are like seeds scattered by the wind.

Both come to lay on that rich soil of my heart,

Yet which ones are left to grow in my garden?

Which seeds do I nurture with attention of water and of sun?

Which seeds do I neglect and allow to be choked out by weeds?

The seeds of honesty, hope, and love have roots that go deep,

Flourishing into fruitful trees and honey-flowers of character-gravitas.

These take time and patience, attentive care and constant guard.

Seeds such as despair, hatred, and bitterness can be hard to distinguish.

They fall in my heart among the good and grow quickly and deceptively.

If left to take root in my heart, these weeds choke the good seed.

Yet if I tend my heart’s garden with my love and the love of God,

Together we can pull them up, making sure to dig deep,

To remove not just the weed above the ground,

But also all its evil roots below the surface.

Digging deep and pulling up can hurt something terrible,

But the gardener’s touch and pain is necessary for cultivating beauty,

For love and pain must go together, for a time at least.

If I would know love, I must know pain too.

This ground is not to be left empty, lest any remaining root of evil grow again.

The miracle of the garden, is that the soil is not barren and ruined,

Once again it can be rich, good seeds can take root and flourish where evil used to breed.

Pure seeds are watered and sunned, taking root and thriving free,

Into shade-giving trees of good-character and love, colorfully lush and creatively full,

Providing and protecting with fruits of patience and peace, kindness and joy.

Like rose bushes planted at the end of wine grape trellis’,

Wisdom grows strong as my heart’s garden hedges,

Its vibrant-colored roses giving warning,

When any evil seeds land in my heart’s garden,

Blown in on the winds of life.

I walk and live within this beautiful place, this peaceful soul,

The life-flourishing garden of my heart.



One response to “The Garden of My Heart

  1. Precioso! you keep getting better and better, as you “unleash” your wonderful creativity, depth from your heart flowering in your writing, the best “you” keeps on coming out! From your faithful reader…

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