There Hides the Sunset


Tonight I gazed out my window,

Facing west as the day faded to dusk

The sky was full of grey-white clouds,

Layers of billowing curves and soft wisps

My eyes were hoping for the sun,

Longing to see its retreat into another day

Yet it seemed the cold fall wind,

Was covering the sky with a storm-set instead

Then I noticed a slight opening,

It seemed a window was in the clouds

Framed by delicate brushed arcs,

A Renaissance painting it resembled in look and feel

Light blue deepening to purple,

Then a golden glow that lined the shifting edges

Although I could not see the sunset,

It was still taking place and setting for the day

There behind grey stormy clouds,

That shifting dense mesh driven by cold harsh winds

I knew the sun was there setting,

Somewhere its colors of glorious rays could be seen

And this sunset taught me something,

In life we behold the same views throughout our times

Radiant sunsets are easy to appreciate,

With pleasing colors filling the expanse of clear skies

And seeing dark stormy clouds mounting,

Can hide the sunset we love to see shine in our lives

Yet here is a place where faith takes root,

When sunset is hidden from our view and storms fill our skies

May we hope deeper than with our eyes,

Trusting that there hides the sunset, full of color in someone’s sky



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