Gypsy Jazz

Fadora hats, vests and rolled cuffs,

Attire that swaggers into the room.

The notes of instruments sounding,

In trills of waves, like water ebbing.

Up and down, cascading in currents,

Clarinet sings a dance with accordion.

Violin sways, rises, humming richly,

Bass doing a jig, energetic, steady.

Slow and pulsing, rhythm flowing,

Accordion fast and slow with notes.

Fingers drumming, feet tapping,

From those watching with ears, eyes.

Hands coming together, clapping,

Shouts of pleasure rising from voices.

A woman twirling, with hips moving,

Arms extended high, twisting hands.

Steps small, creating movement,

Drawing others in, slight steps.

Boisterous steps, turning, clapping,

Arms around waist, hands holding.

Notes in the air, music as breath,

Growing, ascending, carrying us.


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