What a feeling, what could this be?

It weighs, it feels like throbbing deep inside…

Yet sweet and pure, delightful and divine.

With it comes joy like an ascending high,

That does not crash, just slowly, perfectly crescendos.

With steadiness and substance, while invisible and unseen…


I simply feel so happy, contentment it must be.

Amazing how it feels so strong it seems to take care of me,

More real than what is around me because it’s springing from inside…

Gravitas to the extent that it must be put to words,

Or sometimes just sat in, contemplated with reverent silence…


Love is there although calling it that seems obvious, it feels so lovely,

It is not being in love and does not depend on another, just myself and God…

From within and all around, I’m aware there’s nothing I can do or not,

To separate me from God, from Love, from this contentment that abounds.


No matter what troubles exist, despite other realities around,

This amazing feeling is more than feeling, like a supernatural gift.

I do not always feel it but the more I do, its existence is not doubted…

And it just feels so good.


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