Missing You


I feel it now, it won’t go away

A distracting feeling interrupting my thoughts

Memories of fun times, places that we’ve been

Seasonal traditions we shared at this time of year…

Yet, I am not there, I am far away

This evokes a heaviness in me

Not quite sad, just melancholy

Those times are gone, they were fully lived in

Now other times are here somewhere new

Other people, different places, unique traditions…

I picture you, your life and how I used to be a part of it

I am still there in some ways, while in more ways gone

And I see it is the other way around as well…

I miss you…

I miss you, beautiful home of Denver, the seasons now changing into fall

I miss you, dear friends, you know who you are…

How interesting this dichotomy, perplexing these intertwining feelings

I am happier than ever where I am, far away, yet…

I miss you!



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