Remembering and Welcoming Winter

It comes to me as images in my head…

The colors are there, the feelings and even the smells.

I see white fluffy flakes, floating down from the sky,

A sky of slate-grey that fades into white,

Disappearing into snow-covered mountains, graced with dark green tree lines.

Scents in the air of pine and fragrant brewed coffee,

Feelings of bundled warmth, cozy socked feet,

Curled up with knees nuzzled and tucked under my hoodie,

Paired with fresh crisp cold, dry against my cheeks.

Yet it is the falling snow that to me is most poignant,

A memory so beautiful I love to remember,

How it looks, how it feels, the things it welcomes in for me.

Have you ever sat and watched the snow fall?

Have you felt it hit your cheeks, dazzle on your hair,

And melt into your uplifted eyelashes?

It can be the tiniest of delicate white ice,

Clear crystals just big enough to see as it shimmers down.

It can be in clumps of soft fragile white,

Filling the air like blown dandelion tendrils.

Even though I do not have it yet, even though I am far away,

I love remembering lovely snow and how I love it falling,

And it welcomes in the pristine lovely winter season for me.


One response to “Remembering and Welcoming Winter

  1. Beautiful, it makes me feel as though I was there and lots of winter wonderland memories rush through my mind…many of them with you as a child. But the most memorable memory was seeing your face for the first time, when they brought you to me, wrapped in white blankets, your black hair, and dark eyelashes just shinning and your dark eyes looking right at me! It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seeing. You were born on a huge snow storm, you were the ONLY baby in the hospital and the nurses called you Snow White. But your dad and I called you Amalia…and I think it fits you best!

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