Paying Attention

The bright light of sun rays entering the room,

Touching my skin warmly, tingling, gently burning.

A distant sound of trumpet notes calls out in the air,

Traveling from somewhere amidst neighboring houses.

A quietness fills the house, still and yet alive,

Like a center of peace, formed by the outer sounds.

A dog barking, cars driving by, even slight voices…

Yet stillness is in this house and I sense it in me,

That peaceful tranquility no matter what surrounds.

The tap-tapping of computer keys as I write these words down,

The bending of my legs, under me and against my chest,

The reflection of myself in the laptop screen,

Vague in shades of shadow and sunlight on my skin.

My toes are slightly cold, my body relaxed and at peace…

Amazing what paying attention can do,

It connects us to the present moment,

It can help us feel so deep,

It delights in the details and speaks to me…

Of letting go, of embracing more, of things I cannot see,

Especially of peace and how it feels when it comes from within me.

No matter what is around me or even what is within,

Paying attention connects and makes me see that I am living.


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