Wonderfully Perplexed

No answers, no assurances, no guarantees that I can see

Just wonderings and questionings, active curiosity.

Sometimes being still, sometimes listening, sometimes speaking

Is when I contemplate deeply, searching and seeking.

There’s insight, revelation, explanation to things unseen

It occurs on occasion, understanding fills my being.

There’s quiet, silence, waiting is harder than it seems

It stands between us and a reality, remaining like a dream.

What is the more rewarding, satisfying and growing

With our thoughts, inner-searching and exploring?

Looking around, seeing and feeling, facing unknowns out there

Leaves us wondering and questioning, tending to stare.

Asking aloud, asking ourselves, asking to simply ask

Can be unsettling, with its silence and no given task.

Nothing to do, nothing to act on, being back at the start

Just to listen, wonder more, causing us to look in our heart.

Perplexed…is what this feels like, perplexed…it works like art

Perplexed can be beautiful, wonderfully perplexed speaks of your heart.


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