Life Lessons from Kite Surfing


Have you ever wondered about forgiveness and freedom?

Have you contemplated things we do in their names?

Is it possible to put ourselves in harm’s way with them?

I asked this of God while walking on the beach,

I asked him to show me, open my eyes and heart,

To recognize this truth I believe already exist.

I wondered and questioned and then I let go,

To pay attention to all the creativity happening.

Call it answers, call it evidence, whatever you please,

Because insight started to happen in my view of the beach.

Kite surfers racing on the water, on forces so strong,

They have to wield those forces to stay away from harm.

And it occurred to me, maybe I can learn from this…

The sea could be like freedom and the wind like forgiveness.

These things are strong and good, the only way to live.

Let us not put ourselves in harm’s way in their name,

But seek to know ourselves and God, our kite sail we ride,

So we can wield these life-giving gifts to ride a great life.





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