Why is Patience Important?

Paying attention…sounds easier than it is

Not looking over the shoulder to the past

Not craning your neck to see far ahead

Looking around, observing, truly seeing

Being and taking all in, with all the senses…

A dirt road, slightly muddy, creamy brown

Laid out straight, heading into green hills

Ancient rock walls, grey-black-bluish tint

Tall grasses, wispy and brown, green fringe

Billowy clouds, white and slate-charcoal

Floating past olive trees, brown trunks

Green waxy leaves, adorned with black olives

Endearing white lambs, bleating and grazing

Nuzzling with parent sheep, bell collar clanging

Wide open eyes of kittens, perched and starring

Coats of patchwork colors, brown-black on white

Sun shine coming and going from behind clouds

The wind on my face with cold kisses…

Fully in the moment, present and feeling

Patient with oneself, patient with time

I’ve heard it say, patience is important

Because it makes us pay attention.

*This post inspired by a walk through rural Spain in the region of Extremadura – town of Higuera la Real. Enjoy more images of the walk by visiting the album: Afternoon Walk in Rural Spain






One response to “Why is Patience Important?

  1. This is one of the best post I have read. You keep getting more amazing each day and I am so proud of you as a writer and as a person.

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