Time is a Place

Time travel possible?

Who would have ever thought?

I contemplate and imagine,

It all falls into place.

What is time?

Can it really contain?

Does it really restrain?

Always present, always aware,

I can go to the past,

I can go to the future,

I can be fully present.

Time is a place, it is a tool.

Another gift of God

In this level of our lives.

Not bigger than God

And actually….not bigger than us.

Just as a place can be a time…

A good time,

A bad time,

A sad time, a happy time.

I can revisit the past.

I can enjoy savoring the moment.

I can jump ahead to the future.

Time is a place.


3 responses to “Time is a Place

  1. Amalia, I like your vison about time as a place. The idea of future becoming present appeals to me because when that happens, with a bird’s eye view of the way ahead there wont be any need to undo the things we do in the present. Thanks for sharing. God bless

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