Quotes from la Mama

I think rainy and grey days exist, just so we appreciate the sunny and clear days even more.

Don’t have a cow, have a sheep.

This morning we were having a cow….now we’re having a sheep.

…that they would not be able to resist what they see and feel from within us…

I love you…


4 responses to “Quotes from la Mama

    • Gracias Mary! I am doing great. But certainly missing Asturias and Oviedo. I am excited to be working towards being there more full-time starting sometime in January hopefully.
      It will be great to meet up again once I am there. I’m going to be working with the US magazine director to launch Europe Centric this Spring! So I want for you to start considering what writings you can send to us for consideration. It’ll be great to have you as one of our contributing writers 🙂
      Hugs to you and your family! Hasta luego!

      • Wow, that all sounds awesome Amalia. It will be great to have you back in Asturias on a more permanent basis – do keep me posted on your plans and we can meet up for a celebratory sidra when you’re back! Now Jack’s started school I have more time on my hands so am keen to take on some new projects. The new magazine sounds great and I’d be psyched to contribute some pieces. Do let me know what kind of thing you’d be looking for and the overall direction you’ll be taking it in…..when you have time, of course. Life sounds hectic for you right now, in a good way! Hasta pronto! 🙂

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