The Feel of Music

So intense, more real than anything

Yet unseen, invisible, untouchable

It moves more deeply, running free

Sounds melded together touch me

Notes that rise, ring and soar

How can it do this to me?

Make me lift and throb with emotion

Provoke me to move while still

I feel it…deep inside, in the center of me…

Pulsing, like breaths, gasping with emotions

Prompting my heart, causing it to grow

Every sense seems to ride the notes

Cascading with their cadence

Exhilarated with higher pitch

To then tranquilly descend,

Resting in deep, heady bass notes

My flesh rises in bumps and prickles

A rush caresses my skin

Seeming to come from the inside

Reverberating all throughout…

Between and about organs

Through veins of blood and life breath

Powerfully touching the surface

Releasing from below the skin

It takes my mind to places

It toys with my heart and memories

Yet it does so respectfully and gently

Still tenderly and considerately

How music moves me!

What it does to my soul

On the wings of emotions

Calling beyond time and the known

Taking me to rise far above

Anything that can be seen

Such feelings, such emotions

Waves washing over me,

Cleansing and purifying me

It intoxicates and loves me

It sings to me and plays for me

How beautiful music is

Even without words…

So powerful…


In its sweetest, purest, most loving form.


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