Posture of Surrender

Surrender is so necessary,

It actually is so sweet.

I see it not as cast down,

Or my face toward the ground to meet.

The image is me as a child,

Standing on my feeble feet,

They may be shaky and tired,

But even on tip-toes I raise to entreat.

For as a child to a parent,

I raise my arms up, open wide,

To be swept up in loving arms,

Gathered up to God’s heart, held close inside.

Here is where I am provided for,

Here is all I need.

If my arms were busy grappling,

They would not be empty and free.

To reach high and surrender,

To be empty of what I don’t need,

Free then to receive all I truly dream.


The Feel of Music

So intense, more real than anything

Yet unseen, invisible, untouchable

It moves more deeply, running free

Sounds melded together touch me

Notes that rise, ring and soar

How can it do this to me?

Make me lift and throb with emotion

Provoke me to move while still

I feel it…deep inside, in the center of me…

Pulsing, like breaths, gasping with emotions

Prompting my heart, causing it to grow

Every sense seems to ride the notes

Cascading with their cadence

Exhilarated with higher pitch

To then tranquilly descend,

Resting in deep, heady bass notes

My flesh rises in bumps and prickles

A rush caresses my skin

Seeming to come from the inside

Reverberating all throughout…

Between and about organs

Through veins of blood and life breath

Powerfully touching the surface

Releasing from below the skin

It takes my mind to places

It toys with my heart and memories

Yet it does so respectfully and gently

Still tenderly and considerately

How music moves me!

What it does to my soul

On the wings of emotions

Calling beyond time and the known

Taking me to rise far above

Anything that can be seen

Such feelings, such emotions

Waves washing over me,

Cleansing and purifying me

It intoxicates and loves me

It sings to me and plays for me

How beautiful music is

Even without words…

So powerful…


In its sweetest, purest, most loving form.

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The Better Man Project ™

I wrote this piece last night, and wanted to write today about the after effects of it. I posted the writing below.

I Accept

I accept your challenge…the one you put in front of me,

You know exactly who I can and cannot be,

You have taken away the noise and left me in silence,

Causing my inner voice to storm with violence,

But you know that this is the test before the storm,

To get me ready to ultimately perform,

In front of the crowd who needs a voice,

Because that voice, was lost in the noise.

You have stripped away the people who were once near,

To make me listen to my heart with both ears,

You have allowed me to doubt the path and its result,

Causing a little bit of personal tumult.

But you know better than all,

That this is just part of the internal…

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If I Could Have it All…

I was walking down my favorite little dirt road today in rural Spain, enjoying the beautiful countryside and my thoughts as my only companion. Well, occasionally the sheep in the fields alongside me would baa, reminding me that they were companions of sorts. And wonderful ones at that. Have you ever seen sheep up close? Continue reading

Layers of History

Oviedo, Spain

I have been fascinated lately with time. My thoughts have pondered and contemplated what kind of impact time truly has on me and the world. Do I have the right perception of it…the right understanding? Is it something that limits me or something I can actually supersede? These thoughts, my companions as of late, have brought me to the realization and belief that time is actually a place. No wonder that for the longest time humans have been intrigued by the concept of time travel! Continue reading

Listening to Lightning

I feel like I’ve been struck by lightning,

So sweetly to the heart.

So unexpected and out of this world,

A gift I wasn’t even expecting,

Not expecting in this way, surprised.

From outside of myself and bigger than life,

Larger than me and greater than imaginable,

It flashes shockingly, it startles and inspires.

So amazing, so touching,

Even though not felt physically,

Amazing, wondrous how something seen,

Can be heard so literally.

Revelation, inspiration, answer to prayer.

Presence and company to lonely wonderings.

Struck by lightning straight into my heart…

I hear from seeing and feel from being,

Remarkable and maybe the voice of God.

Quotes from la Mama

I think rainy and grey days exist, just so we appreciate the sunny and clear days even more.

Don’t have a cow, have a sheep.

This morning we were having a cow….now we’re having a sheep.

…that they would not be able to resist what they see and feel from within us…

I love you…