Un Sentimiento de Esperanza – Feeling of Hope

“Feeling of Hope” post – Spanish Translation by Angie Del Riego

Cuando pienso en lo que es mas significativo para mí y lo que mas me gusta hacer, me da esta increíble sensación, fuerte dentro de mí, que con el tiempo he llegado a reconocer se trata de esperanza. Siento esta sensación, justo en el centro de mí, que tal vez es lo que se denomina “la boca del estómago”. En donde sea que esta sensación este presente, ya sé que es mi centro y lo que es más importante aún, sé que viene de lo más profundo de mi corazón y alma. Hay una alegría en esta sensación de esperanza y es fuerte y constante; con un peso que me hace consciente de lo importante que es. Tiene vida, este peso y gravitas. Aprendí sobre la palabra gravitas de un querido amigo mío hace años. Esta palabra latina es una de las virtudes romanas que significa algo de sustancia y calidad, como un fondo de la personalidad y la integridad. Continue reading

Feeling of Hope

When I think of what means the most to me and what I love to do, I get this amazing strong feeling inside me. Over time I have come to recognize this as hope. I feel it right in the center of me, which maybe is what people refer to as “the pit of my stomach”. Wherever it is residing, I know it is my center and even more importantly, I know it came from deep in my heart and soul. There is a joy to this sensation of hope and it’s steady and strong, with a weight to it that makes me aware of how substantial this feeling is. Continue reading

To Hear from You

I check my phone, I check the mail

My inbox has nothing new surprisingly enough.

No one is trying to contact me

I’m not hearing from anyone today.

It would be nice to hear from you

It would be nice to be in touch.

How silly though that I’m already with friends

Yet who I want is not with me.

With all the technology we have

And all the distractions around

My heart still longs for others to reach out.

To hear your voice and feel your touch

To have your presence with mine.

It would be nice to hear from you

It would be nice to be in touch.

Nicest of all would be to have you

With me, next to me, for me.

Christmas as Kids

Remember what Christmas was like for you as a kid? One of my favorite things to do at Christmas time when I was a kid, was to lie down under the tree, nestled in among the gifts, usually a bit to the back of the tree. I loved doing this because I would gaze up at the magical intertwining of beautiful twinkling lights weaving through dark green and brown pine needles and branches, breathing in deeply of the comforting fragrance of pine tree that to this day makes me think so much of the holidays. There has always been something so magical for me about Christmas and it was especially so when I was a child.

I held out hope and belief in Santa Clause for years, all the way till I was nine or ten I think. I know…a bit older than most kids still believe today. Yet I have always been like that…not just a hopeless romantic, but a hopeless believer too I guess. Although I like to call it hopeful romantic and hopeful believer instead. What a negative misconception to warp ourselves into words and references that cause us to focus on an extreme of romance and believe that leaves us void of hope. Nope…not my way of thinking and living anymore, than you very much.

Christmas does not seem as monumental of an event to me now as it did to me when I was a kid. Yet similar to when I was a kid, I feel that the spirit of magic and imagination that is found in Christmas, is more so with me year-round. There were many years of young adulthood throughout my twenties when I was not aware of this. They were the times when I was striving so hard to live according to perceptions and views that society and the world in general and others say that I should have.

With this in mind, I wish you a magical and creative holiday season that will carry you into a new year of imagination and magical living. Enjoy being creative in whatever way is special to you and remember to live with the heart of spirit of a child.

Nothing Ever Stays the Same

Familiar place, yet new faces

Open warmth is more of a memory

For a time a sense of comfort

Is now being relearned as a stranger

Kindness and friendliness still exist

While there is a sense of starting over

It is not just the scene and not the people

I have also changed, different from prior

What is going on inside of here?

Being moved along my path

Old things, places will no longer fit

Nothing ever stays the same

Not you or me or here

A good sign I am changing

Hopefully I am growing

Nothing ever stays the same

Change is part of moving us along our path


Some of my traveler’s heart from my travel blog…

Amalia Travel

One of my favorite places to fly into in this whole wide world is Denver, Colorado. And rightly so since it has been my home for the past twelve years, is where I have lived through many real and wonderful things, and a place where I have so many amazing and loving friends. Oh, and of course we cannot forget that it’s also because of how spectacularly beautiful it is with the Rocky Mountains forming that beautiful white-capped stony front-range set just behind the city of Denver. I love when I can see that view from an airplane.

Last night it was dark when I flew into Denver International Airport so I couldn’t see the mountains, but I saw the many white and yellow lights of the city and suburbs spread out in the dark. This time though, I felt different from other times when I have landed in…

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Moving Along My Path

2012-12-04 06.57.21I am on another bus ride from Higuera la Real to Madrid. This must be the fourth time I’ve done this bus ride within this year and each time, the route and landscape seem different. It always makes me slightly double-take in my mind about whether or not I’m on the right bus. Yep…it’s the right one. Outside are green rolling fields of olive trees, springing up in rows from a ground carpeted with teeny tiny yellow wildflowers. They are my sunshine today since the sun is taking a reprieve behind the rainy grey clouds. I spot castles and cathedrals slightly farther out in the distance, atop hill summits and surrounded by little Spanish village homes topped with their endearing traditionally red Spanish-tiled roofs…marbled boulders and rocks are strewn throughout the ground, some clustered together like giant marbles tossed on the earth. Tomorrow I catch my flight returning to Denver. Continue reading