Down for the Count

Discouragement is heavy, holding me down

Sadness is pinning me to the ground

It hits hard, striking low, never seeming to let up

I’m assaulted and outnumbered

Feeling broken and crushed

Yet just as it seems time is ending

I breathe in and push myself back up

Onto my knees gasping, shakily to my feet I rise

No matter how many times I am down for the count

There nowhere else to go but up

And how long I stay down depends upon only me

Keeping myself there or getting back up

Photo May 21, 8 15 19 PM

6 responses to “Down for the Count

  1. Hope…it keeps on ringing very clear even at your low times. I wish that the time you stay there is never long and that you always make the choice to go up.

    • Thank you! I’m so glad this is always true, no matter how I feel, and I greatly appreciate loving reminds of it, like from you right now.
      🙂 love you!

    • Thank you for reading and your encouragement. You are the second person today that has wonderfully reminded me to BREATHE.
      Much hope to you from me as well!

      • No wonder it’s so important to stay “rooted” in the right soil and breathe in all that glorious air and drink in all that water. Confirms that it’s so important to be the kind of people I want to attract and need as support. Thanks again! Your words are much appreciated and a breathe of fresh air!

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