Where Life Does Flow

Have you ever touched a bare branch in winter?

Aware with eyes that it is naked of leaves

It’s emptiness at first appears cold and lonely

Yet I’m not hesitant to feel it in my fingertips

The crisp barren cold is not most apparent

It does not chill my blood at my skin to tree touch

Instead there is awareness that life is still flowing

That energy is there in that bare branch even rough

Regardless of me and my perception

Not bothering to appear any other way than what it is

The empty tree branches in winter touch me

With the beauty of life flowing even when unseen

I love to think of how it ebbs within those little branches

Stemming from far down into the roots

They spread out alive below the frozen surface of soil

They pulse of continuing energy that runs true

How precious and energetic is that hidden glow

So amazing and miraculous that every second it flows

And even though in seasons the external appears dormant

It is still full of life flowing, I feel it so

Being aware of my joyous energy

In my touch and feelings and growth.

2012-12-30 15.56.05

2 responses to “Where Life Does Flow

    • You are very welcome! And thank you so much for reading and commenting. I hope you continue to enjoy my works and interact here on my blog.
      Happy reading!

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