Courageous Love

Courage is not the absence of fear

For fear will still be around

Yet to step out and move forward

In the face of that fear

Is what bravery is all about

We may still tremble and we will quake

The other direction we will look to take

Then love draws our gaze back

Hope considers risk

Pain must still be felt, compassion achieved

And we never lose if we have it guide us

By the hands of love

Rather than into the prison of fear

For fear teaches us it is meaningful

That there is something amazing at stake

It ignites within a depth of life

That being willing to lose is not a mistake

For to experience, to really live

Is to love even if love is one day lost

To love even if love is not returned

So we are ready for recognizing, accepting

That gift of lasting love that is present

We will know fear then in truth and awareness

And bravely be open of ourselves and others

To love beyond this world…

A love that is courageous


7 responses to “Courageous Love

    • I’m glad that my poems are being enjoyed. Your encouragement and joy is so much appreciated! It’s part of what makes it beautiful, yes… 🙂
      Thank you!

  1. Brilliant! you are on the right track to experience it all fully! and if its not fully, frankly, it isn’t worth it any other way.

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