My eyes feel heavy,

My head hangs low,

This body is weary,

But the heart even more so

I’m ‘o so tired…

It courses through all of me

And shocking above all

Is how double worn my spirit seems

Why do I write of these emotions?

Of when things are hard and sad

Why do I pour out my heart in writing

When my world seems to be going mad

I would rather master sharing my happiness

Embrace putting words to joy

Even if I am tired, may I see past me

And share hope along with sorrow

Yet I do not stop here, I have other thoughts

Why rush me to not be tired?

Why bug me to move on?

Leave me be to feel my emotions

Give me space to face them in me

For only then can I let go of them

Only then can I move on to be free

With being real about what I’m feeling

I can have compassion for myself and you

I can relate to when others are down or happy

I can be in the moment, whether joyful or blue

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