Spring Can Be So Sneaky…

Interesting…how the season of spring can be pretty sneaky. I mean, think about it; one day it’s below freezing and snow is on the ground or falling from the sky or both, and the next day, it’s 70 degrees outside and the high heels and sleeveless dresses are donned for wearing. Today is that day. A sneaky spring day. I’ve sat in the sun with a cool breeze raising some goosebumps here and there, but otherwise, it’s warm and alive outside. The leaves rustling in the wind are dry and crackling and otherwise the tree branches are bare and silent, yet the sun can be felt and the air can be directly lying on my skin without a layer of clothing needed in between.

This is the sneaky-ness of spring. Or perhaps we can call it the surprise of spring. I am really liking the season of Spring. For most of my life so far I’ve favored the summer season. Now I am thinking that spring may be my new favorite time of year. I’ll admit that my birthday in April may have something to do with this, yes. At the same time, I can honestly attribute my excitement and joy of spring for what the season embodies and brings.

After months of cold air that requires multiple layers of clothing bundled on one’s self, there is a liberating sensation from the warmth that calls us to shed those articles of clothing. No longer are the layers needed on days like spring days. Even with the lingering tinges of cold in the breeze, the magical touch of life is what is so invigorating. It is as if the unseen shoots of grass and yet-to-bud blossoms of flowers and leaves, are speaking to us and reaching out to us, even before they can be seen.

That is what it so magical about it…it is the season of things unseen. What has long been dormant is now awakening and coming to life, even before we can see it with our eyes. Along with seedlings and shoots, grasses and trees, we feel and hear the call of spring to wake up! Grow from your roots…it seems to tell us. Reach out and break through your limits…as the energy gives us the power to extend ourselves. 

Yes, a harsh snowy blizzard may yet visit. Even freezing temperatures are sure to come. But if there is any one thing that I want to learn from the season of spring, it is this:

It is never premature to break free and live with the energy of growth…to live to our fullest and be alive in our own blossoming way. For things are always changing. And if it is death that seems to be in our presence, it is only a prelude to even more life to come. 


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