Love for Italy in Denver – Shells and Sauce Restaurant

Aren’t neighborhood restaurants some of the best? I’m currently living in the area of downtown Denver known as Capitol Hill and within dangerously close walking distance is the enticing restaurant, Shells and Sauce. Much in the same way I became enamored with Italy last Spring, so Shells and Sauce has drawn me into it’s Italian food haven. I just seem to keep going back and I’m starting to take friends as well.

Hanging out on the corner of 12th Avenue and Elizabeth, the two story building has a prominent spot that fits in snug with the quaint neighborhood. On one side they have a great garage-style door of windows that opens up the entire wall to the outside when the weather is nice and warm. There’s a great bar that is becoming my preferred place to sit and although I haven’t experienced it myself yet, I heard that there is seating upstairs on their rooftop patio. That’s going to be a blast in the summer!

Every time I’ve been there, it quickly fills up. The place is popular among all ages and seems to be a big hit for families with kids and couples on dates. Their happy hour is fantastic, with great wines to select from and a delicious antipasti board that is fun to share if you’re there with others. The prices are good too, with wines under $5 and food items like their $5 pizzas and $3 sliders. Even when it’s not happy hour, it’s still a great and delicious deal. My first time there I got just a side of their meatballs, which comes with two large meatballs that are each bigger than my fists. I could only eat one meatball, it was so filling. So I took the second one home for left-overs. The cost…only $5, all the time!

The staff is great and although I’m not on a first name basis with them (yet), I can see that the manager and servers are very hands on and helpful. They have personality and enjoy being humorous, conversational, and give great recommendations on the food and drink. This is all provided with the basics of good restaurant service: timeliness, attentiveness, and friendliness.

When you feel like enjoying Italian food and drink with a wonderful atmosphere and service, stop in at Shells and Sauce. It’ll entice you and capture your attention, just like practically anything Italian does.

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