See Me and Love Me Still

Do you see me in there?

See all of me and still love me, love me still…

The hurt and fear, what I really am

Do you really see me?

Can you love me still?

A shame so long hidden

Even with it inside me

Do you see me, really see me?

To venture deep into my soul…

Can you love me still? Still love me?

The hurt beats or is that my heart?

The pain and guilt of what was done

Even though nothing was my fault…

Just a child, so young, so wrongly hurt

Do you see the little boy?

In this man’s body now…

In hurt and hidden in pain?

So few ever see…

I thought no one could know

But somehow you see me, don’t you?

Please see me and still…still love me…

Still love all of me.

Can you handle the ugliness?

Can you survive the deep anguish?

To see me, all of me,

Fight and pursue past my defenses…

Still love me, love me still.

If you knew, if I could free it…

If you could draw it out for me

And you see me

You see and still love me

Still I don’t love me, love me still…

And there the hurt lives

There the boy and man suffer

Just under my face only you see him

You know…don’t you?

You see all of me…

And you still love me, you love me still

I am the little boy, locked away in me

Who is suffering and hiding…

Dark hurt, suffering shame still…

I don’t want to be alone with me

I see him, I see all of me…

Am I loving me…loving me still?


One response to “See Me and Love Me Still

  1. This is very, extremely profound. I can almost feel that I am there and I hurt too, with the little boy. And yes, I can see him, you and…love still, even me.

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