Relive History at Wings Over the Rockies

2013-06-06 08.19.36This Saturday can be your ticket to traveling back in time! Get yourself and any family and friends to the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum here in the Denver-Metro area for all the fun. I was able to get a sneak peek of this week’s events they have had that are leading up to the best of all…their Hangar Dance at Centennial Airport. You will definitely see me there this Saturday night, enjoying the live music of the 1940’s and 50’s, dressed up in period attire, and ready to dance and enjoy great food and drink. The highlight of the event is the WWII B-17 Bomber that you can tour on ground, the WWII reenactors you can meet and hang out with, like myself and my friends, and seeing the displays that the Centennial Airport has on view 24-7. You can even tour the B-17 Bomber on the ground through this Sunday, June 9th.

There was a lot that I learned volunteering there yesterday. Did you know that Centennial Airport is one of the busiest private airports in our country? I witnessed this to be true, as all day long private jets were taking off and landing on the runway. It was one of the funnest experiences of the here-and-now that I have ever taken part in. At times, the WWII B-17 Bomber was resting on the runway, ready for more passengers to load up for another flight, while in the background a private jet would be landing or taking off.

2013-06-06 09.14.54-1

To play the part, my fellow model Hope, and I, dressed in original Red Cross Nurse uniforms that date back to 1941. First thing in the morning we “reported for duty” to help serve breakfast to donors who were receiving their briefing for their flight in the B-17 Bomber. Some of the donors had their children with them, giving them an opportunity to remember history in a truly memorable way.

2013-06-06 08.05.10

My favorite part was meeting the Veterans who came out to participate in the day’s events. Hearing their stories was remarkable and made me especially appreciative of the times that I live in now and the freedom I enjoy because of their sacrifice. Just before I left, I got to meet and talk with Win, who first flew a B-29 Bomber when he was only 19 years old! Amazing!

2013-06-07 15.20.52

The Wings Over the Rockies Museum is an important part of our community and preserving our heritage and history. To learn more about them and to get tickets for joining us at the dance tomorrow, visit their website. I hope to see you there and will even save you a dance!

To enjoy more photos, visit my online album: B-17 Bomber Fly-In

2013-06-06 09.23.08-1


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