My Definition of Self-Discipline…and Other Terms Done My Way!

We’re each going to have different associations with words and terms. I believe it’s based off of our individual and unique experiences throughout life. All in all, it comes down to our perspective and even that changes and evolves as we live and grow, as we feel certain ways versus another. Let’s not forget society’s role in all this…the society and culture we grew up in and live in now is definitely half the cause of why we relate to terms and life as we do. In my endless desire to live my life authentically and fully, I have recently developed my own definitions for a couple of terms that I find were just a real drag to me before.  I put a lot of meaning into words, written or spoken…must be that writer’s heart in me. Here are just a couple of words that I’m adopting new meanings for.

Please note…I am not a grammar freak or expert by any means, so I’m not presenting these in Webster Dictionary format or with any kind of accurate reference to verb, adjective…all that stuff.


The application of consistent, empowering, self-loving PRACTICES that contribute to focusing on and enjoying my true desires. Has absolutely nothing to do with punishment of any kind and if done without emotions of motivation and desire, is carried out step-by-step, little by little, and with no judgement of self and others. 
*Who is going to draw power from a term with the word “dead” in it? Really? Is it any wonder that many people absolutely dread work? I am of the mind-set that we will love our work when we do what we love and feel like we’re playing. Thus, I completely change up the word itself as well as the definition.
Deadlines = Playlines
An established time, date, or characteristic by which one’s PLAY (aka work) is to reach a certain point of achievement or completion. This is absolutely subject to the creator(s) of the PLAY, project, or idea. Can include other aspects of tracking achievement and growth, such as goals, reviews, and absolute likelihood of surprises and the unexpected (aka adventure). Overall, a magical, child-like sense of having fun and playing is crucial to the implementation of this term, so be flexible and don’t resist. Typically involves a ridiculous amount of silliness and a realization that life is short…live with passion!

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