Life Comes So Fast

Astounding and shocking

In the blink of an eye

You may miss it, not see it

If you’re walking quickly by

As winter melts to spring

And spring births new life

One day the branches are bare

The next, full of lush green life

They may start small

But new shoots are the brightest green

As if shouting for joy

We’re here! It is spring!

The energy of all nature

It grows and flows, it sings

What a dance it displays

A fast intense dance of living things

Then branches are dressed

Flowers brightly bloom

Every sense is come alive

From eye’s delight to fragrance swoon

For life is so full

It’s thriving with fierce speed

To birth, to grow,

From even a seed

Like seeing clouds in the sky

They seem to pass so slow

Yet we know in the heavens

They’re racing speed is an intense flow

Life is meant to move

Can you feel it? Do you see it?

The beauty of contrast

When we don’t resist

To let go and be still

Knowing we’re still moving

Allowing and accepting

To go with the flow, we’ll grow

It carries us if we let it…

 2013-05-28 20.07.18-1


6 responses to “Life Comes So Fast

  1. Amalia the thought in the last five lines is so amazing. To experience it is too good to be true. Just the thought IN needed for the day. Wonderful poem. Keep sharing. Take care God bless

    • Thank you so much for your appreciation and that you shared it with me. I’m glad that you enjoyed it so and I welcome and receive your encouragement!
      I look forward to continuing to be in touch!

      • Thank you! I love how things, especially words and poems, speak to each of us differently, exactly for where we are each at…I’m glad it spoke to you 🙂

    • Thank you! The thanks also goes to those who are behind the scenes, behind the lens. They are also not seen at first and they develop such skills to accomplish their dreams and passions…and look at the results, the gifts we are blessed with when they capture these amazing natural gifts from nature as well. Thank you’s go to all of us!

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