Angels and Chocolate

I was visited by an angel this week! That’s right…and the angel brought me chocolate. Well, this angel turned out to give me much more than chocolate. But we enjoyed rich milk chocolate together nonetheless. This is how the story goes.

It was a really tough decision to make between wearing basic flip-flops or sexy, unique open-toed heels with white and black flower designs. That is what I was debating when I got ready to leave the house the other day. I opted for the sexy heels and am glad I did, because a little while later, someone complimented those fun shoes and that someone was an angel. Looking back now, I believe that even without the heels, I would have encountered this angel.

Standing in the cafe at the Tattered Cover Bookstore on Colfax, this small old lady approached me. She loved my shoes and this led to us discussing all the shoes we each have and how we adore fashionable footwear. This turned out to be my angel that I’m talking about in this story…I soon learned her name is Arthurine. You know…like King Arthur, but feminized. Angel Aurthurine, in my mind, possesses a magical air about her that brings to my mind King Arthur, with all his knights of the round table and Queen Guinevere.

Drawing each other into one another’s company, we took seats at the small table we were near and Arthurine produced a large bar of delectable milk chocolate, insisting that I enjoy as many pieces as I desired. With the delicious intoxicating chocolate melting in my mouth, I thought briefly to how just a few minutes prior, I had been standing at the cashier looking at those same bars of chocolate and imagining how wonderful it would taste right then…yet, I had not purchased it, thinking I should save my money. Now here I was…enjoying not only chocolate as a gift, but enjoying it in the wonderful company of this angel of a woman.

I learned that Arthurine taught art to elementary school children most of her life and she has always loved to write and paint. Now, at 82, she still loves to go skiing, writes short-stories and paints, and is witty and caring. Her company and openness to me, made my day! It was a gift, a treat, even more than the chocolate was.

Who knew that angels came in such form? And that they even came bearing gifts of chocolate…


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