Wise Words from Carmen

Carmen is the one sitting up in the window sill :)

Carmen is the one sitting up in the window sill 🙂

Dear Carmen…she is the small, little lady who has been with my mother’s family long before I was alive. She is from the Dominican Republic and lives there now. I am staying with her while visiting my family. Her stature is short and she is older and grey now, but her personality exudes a big energy and when she speaks, there’s no chance of not hearing her…that little voice of her’s is loud, just as her generous heart is so big. Her faith is Catholic and she is one of the most accepting, loving people I know in my life. On the same hand, she’s the one I learned all the Spanish curse words I know! When she makes a point to speak something to me, I make sure to listen. That is the confidence and energy with which she speaks, sometimes relating what she shares to something God spoke to her, a message she heard from her church, or more often than not, from one of the many heart-touching experiences her life has been filled with.

Today, she came to me in the kitchen and told me this… Continue reading

How Do I Create My Traveling Lifestyle?

IMG_1716Traveling is not about vacation for me or about taking a trip. For me, traveling is my lifestyle. I know that a lot of people wonder how I afford such a lifestyle. It’s okay that many people probably have their assumptions…maybe I’m rich, some lucky trust-funder (I absolutely do not believe in luck) or perhaps I get paid by a company related to travel and tourism…neither of those are the case for me. Here is how I manage to travel and how I am enjoying the journey of living one of my dreams and passions. Continue reading

A Beautiful Start to the Day

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Here are some photos I have taken recently. They remind me of the pure, simplicity of the beauty found in everyday nature that is around us. Since I am in the Dominican Republic right now, I am surrounded by lush green jungles of trees and flowers, gloriously beautiful beaches with stunning sunsets and awakening sunrises, […]

My Travel Blog’s New Look!

What do you think of my travel blog’s new look? I would love your input! Thanks!

Amalia Travel

After a year of having my travel blog, I’ve decided it was time to change up the look and layout. So here’s my new theme and layout! I’m loving it so far, but would love any insight and feedback as to how best to use this WordPress theme. It’s the Triton Lite and I like how my already existing posts and structure adapted into its format, for the most part. What I am still trying to figure out, is how to get the “dynamic featured post area” to work. Located just below the site title along the top, it’s supposed to be like a scrolling feature and I know about setting posts to be “sticky posts” to have them show up here…yet, I’m doing this and they’re not showing up. Any tips and insight on this would be great.


More than anything, I would love to hear from current and…

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The Parts of my Personal Legend

Growing up and even as recently as the past few years, I have received the advice from people to focus on one thing at a time regarding talents and career. To do one thing very well, is better than trying to do several things not so well. This is even advice that I sometimes give to my clients in my social media coaching work. I recommend to them that they keep their plan simple when they are first starting and until they are managing it consistently, before expanding and growing into more social media platforms. Yet…and yes, there is a very big “but” here…what I am getting at in this little essay is that there more and more of us who are developing and enjoying multiple careers because we want to use and grow more than one of our talents and passions.  Continue reading

Taking that Plunge…

Do you ever watch or hear something and you feel something pull on your very soul? There is something so magically strong about the way that it doesn’t feel like pleasure and it doesn’t feel like pain. It is a knowing, a heady pulse that ripples through you and takes your breath away.

Moments like these are when I am reminded so much of my capabilities and power. In worldly terms, it can feel terrifying and reminds me of that feeling one gets when you’re riding a roller coaster and at the top of the tallest part of the track, it is just starting to drop drastically straight down into the air…that moment of the plunge.

It is not a horrible thing to experience this sensation. I find it worthwhile because of how powerfully it reminds me that I am alive and there is so much energy and wonder to being alive when we open ourselves to life in only the deep way that we can for ourselves.

While I could write pages and pages in detail of what the plunge sensation tells me about the things I dream of doing and the talents and gifts I have to share, I want instead to simply be in that sensation for a time, to be still with it and allow it and me to be and exist with no striving. A beautiful thing occurs for me when this takes place…I find myself listening and learning new things. There are always new things about myself, this world, and my dance and relationship with this world that I will always be listening to and learning about.

Taking the plunge carries me into a place of listening and learning, the most important result and work that can be done. From there is created and born results of taking the plunge. They are each lovingly different for each and every one of us, taking shape and form from the meaning and value that we each assign to the experience and learning.

When do you feel you are at the top of the roller coaster? What opens your eyes and heart, to see and feel who and where you truly are? Or perhaps for you, the imagery is that of a tall, towering cliff with no bottom in sight. There we sit or stand, on the very ledge…are you taking the plunge?

Omens on the Beach

This morning I am sitting out on the beach in the Dominican Republic. There is an area called Samana that has my favorite beaches on the whole island. One of my favorite ways to start the day is to have coffee while I write and journal. It’s that quiet time of the morning before anybody else seems to be awake. I had the entire beach to myself and the sun was rising in the east from behind mountains of lush green foliage and towering coconut palm trees that roll gently down to ocean shore. Continue reading