Freedom, Everywhere and Always

Today in the USA is our Independence Day. This 4th of July I’m reflecting on how I know this world…the family and people I know all over the world. There are those that I have met and those that I have yet to meet. The concepts and principles of today, that energy of freedom and independence, has always existed for all of time. It comes from inside of us, from that innate human nature. Despite what we may experience and see with our eyes, it exists everywhere.

At times and in some places in this world, there are fights that ensue for this. Yes, there are lives lost…and there are new lives that begin…new ones that are born. Could it be that those who sacrifice their life for freedom and independence, their freedom and our freedom, are those that learn to overcome death? What if their life and fight was not a sacrifice in some aspects of the word and more than anything, it was living…living with such courageous love that they embrace freedom from where it comes…magically before and extending beyond this life.

As a traveler, there are lessons I have learned about freedom and my independence. It is a power within me, a part of me, that teaches me I am not a victim, ever. From this perspective, I have discovered a new appreciation for the spirit of freedom and independence. One of the powerfully beautiful things about it, is that it will mean something different for each and every person.

Wherever you are in the world, know that if you want, you are free. Independence is not something given to you and therefore cannot be taken away. The truest sense of freedom is being you. What meaning and power do you give to freedom?

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