Omens on the Beach

This morning I am sitting out on the beach in the Dominican Republic. There is an area called Samana that has my favorite beaches on the whole island. One of my favorite ways to start the day is to have coffee while I write and journal. It’s that quiet time of the morning before anybody else seems to be awake. I had the entire beach to myself and the sun was rising in the east from behind mountains of lush green foliage and towering coconut palm trees that roll gently down to ocean shore.

2013-07-14 06.38.18

Those colors of turquoise green and aqua blue shimmer in endless ripples that grow into curving waves that cascade into billowing fingers of white sandy foam. Every second, the shades morph and blend together into the slightest new tint, reminding me that things are always changing. And how beautiful change is.

Clouds are sailing through the sky like large regal ships of old. They seem to be literally leaning into the west as they head that way from the east. My view is their stage and they float just above the ocean and that magical distant line of the horizon…the only thing that seems to separate the water from the sky.

2013-07-14 06.37.08

Sitting under green verdant palm trees that lean with grace, I consciously open my heart and mind. Here is where I let go and I realize,Β there is a lot I am asking for and it is many times, the same things, over and over…I am going to accept that it is answered and I am letting it in…I allow and accept.Β 

At that moment, the thinnest wisps of clouds from overhead, begin to sprinkle down droplets of water. They give soft lite kisses as they land on me and I understand them to be a precious sign of abundance and being gifted so much, being given to and enjoying this gift.

2013-07-14 07.17.04

Then what came next was my omen…I looked to the west and there in the sky was a vibrant colorful rainbow. It arched perfectly from the mountainous green land to the south and then landed out to the north in the ocean waters. I could actually see where in the ocean it ended. This picture encompassed the beautiful living together of the palm trees and the sand, the waves in their precious gem colors washing up softly onto shore, the clouds of grey and white, and the bright yellow sun shinning warm and full of gold-color from behind.

My omen. A gift in the reminders that nature can bring us and that I simply choose to accept as a loving gift. Thank you! When we allow and accept, we can see that it is already there, given to us and we can embrace and enjoy it all.

2013-07-14 07.17.20


2013-07-14 08.18.49


11 responses to “Omens on the Beach

    • Thank you for being excited with me Mary! It was so amazing to experience and such a gift πŸ™‚ I hope you enjoy some rainbows soon as well! Thank you for reading and commenting!

    • Thank you! I’m so glad that you enjoy them and hope you share my blog with your friends who may enjoy them too πŸ™‚ Keep following and stay in touch!

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