The Parts of my Personal Legend

Growing up and even as recently as the past few years, I have received the advice from people to focus on one thing at a time regarding talents and career. To do one thing very well, is better than trying to do several things not so well. This is even advice that I sometimes give to my clients in my social media coaching work. I recommend to them that they keep their plan simple when they are first starting and until they are managing it consistently, before expanding and growing into more social media platforms. Yet…and yes, there is a very big “but” here…what I am getting at in this little essay is that there more and more of us who are developing and enjoying multiple careers because we want to use and grow more than one of our talents and passions. 

I am excited to embark on the pursuit of developing four things that for me are my passions and talents in this lifetime. Being committed and true to them, I believe, is being my true-self and committed and true to me. My pursuit of developing and enjoying these four aspects of me into careers and the work of my life, has brought and continues to bring such happiness, fulfillment, and loving connection with myself and others. The book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, refers to something similar in the story it tells about a young boy who goes from being a shepherd to a treasure hunter…the term is “personal legend”. I’m not going to share about my personal legend here, but the multiple talents I have as the works of my life, are a part of my personal legend. They are writing, singing, traveling, and praying.

Vermouth with Work at Urban Coffee OviedoWriting for me tends to be along the lines of poetry and sharing about my passion for traveling. My travel experiences tend to delve into the local people and culture, reflecting upon the unseen things of this world and life that I see travel bring out in me. I love to be descriptive with my words and I even love the feel of the computer keys below my fingers as they flow across the keyboard. To see images come to life from words and letters pieced together, is for me so fulfilling and such a magical experiencing of expressing myself and connecting with others.

980070_10151472289468657_849950706_oSinging simply brings a smile to my heart and, most of the times, my face too. I tried to ignore the talent for many years in my twenties, yet it would not depart and I am happy and grateful to sing. Music in general touches people in such a special way. I know it powerfully resonates with me and I have seen on people’s faces how much it touches them as well. While the arts of painting and other visual arts harness our sense of sight, singing makes love to our ears through our sense of hearing. It is a special treasure to me, while at the same time, the gift and talent that scares me the most to pursue.

2012-12-22 15.31.49Traveling is my lifestyle and I am passionate about how possible it is despite how much or little money one has and thanks to the times we live in where the technology makes it possible to work from almost anywhere. This aspect of my life has opened me up to myself and others in such an amazing way. It takes me deep within myself and, while I am not a religious person, it is for me a very spiritual aspect of life. Yes…I truly mean that. While for some other things in life are a spiritual source and experience for them, travel is for me one of the avenues and tools through which I grow and learn. It is a part of who I am and I deeply feel that I am made to travel.

2013-07-12 06.36.48Praying has always been in my life. Whether or not a person is spiritual or religious, I believe it to be a part of everyone’s life. This is because I do not believe prayer to be as what it is typically defined as…it is sometimes an action and many times, not. While it can be expressed with words and thoughts, it is also very powerfully practiced with listening and being still, by asking questions and being fully present in the moment, fully aware and mindful of the person and people I am with. It is like breathing, which is a part of us so essential and innate, that sometimes we forget about it and take it for granted. My prayers are conversations with myself and others, contemplating and simply being, yet all with a conscious awareness of being and that it holds power because we know deep inside that we are in need and that we can also meet needs.

These are the aspects of my personal legend. They are my life’s work and what I am made to do in this lifetime, in this world. I love them and that they are a part of me. While some may appear stronger and more present in my life at certain times versus others, they are always there and contribute to me while expressing me.

What do you think your personal legend is? What are the ways that you express your personal legend and seek after it in your life?


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