A Window Closes & Doors Open

This friend’s journey and perseverance are inspiring to me. I hope you open yourself and your heart to being inspired as well. Please enjoy and share. Thank you!

The Berni Journey


I know that the saying is reversed, “When a Door Closes a Window Opens.” The window that I reference closing is my first Kickstarter campaign for Berni’s Journey in Wanderland. My team, Danielle and Nathalia, and I have learned a lot about Kickstarter and the social media engine that is required to make a campaign a success. Especially when you are looking to accomplish a six-figure goal. 

I guess it’s in my nature to dream big. My mission was to hit the goal in order to finish the film, cover the expenses already incurred and cover costs for distribution and marketing. In a sense, it was putting all my eggs in one basket so the budget could be supported and I could focus on the actual creative process to edit the project. What I learned is that the hefty goal may have been intimidating for others. A few factors…

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