I Make Myself Laugh!

2013-07-20 12.57.55The funniest thing to me in the whole-wide world is officially…me! Yeah, I’m really realizing that 1) laughter is awesome and I want to always be laughing more in life and 2) the best thing to laugh at is myself. Here I am, enjoying family and culture in the beautiful tropical island of the Dominican Republic, and living out my passion of traveling and working for myself, yet the past week or so I found myself stressing out about whether or not I should stay longer.

Do you ever get those realizations, you know…those ah-ha moments, when it dawns on you that you are getting what you asked for? Usually, by the time I wake up to the fact that this is taking place for me, it is all too apparent that there is more to what I was asking than what I originally expected or ever knew. I guess that is the joy of this thing we call “learning” in life. How about we use the word “discovering” as well. I like that better…it reminds me of playing pirates and treasure-hunting when I was a kid.

For over a year now I have been pursuing a lifestyle of traveling. Some people call it vacationing and others call it taking trips, but my perception  of it is neither. Traveling is my lifestyle. When I really want something, am excited and passionate about something, I talk about it and plan towards it. And I have seen that what we speak, tends to come into existence. My belief? That this has to do with the power of our thoughts and intentions.

So all this to say, I’m chuckling at myself this morning, which led me to write this post, because I see how what I truly desire is taking place in my life, despite my fears and illusions of how it should look and come about. Which, by the way, seems to go back to caring about what others think of me and how others say life should be lived. Nah…I’ll choose to leave that for someone else to care about.

With Kalaniy, my little primo (cousin).

With Kalaniy, my little primo (cousin).

For six months I was back in Denver, my US home-base, and by that time could already feel the urge to travel once again and immerse myself in another language, another culture. So the opportunity came, the means presented themselves, and me? Well, I actually stared at it in the face and fought it and resisted it for a time, before waking up to embracing it by being fully present in the moment. I guess that’s just life and being fully human too. Besides, perhaps without that kind of experience in this life and within myself, I wouldn’t experience such amazing, heart-felt laughter. And in case you were wondering, I did decide to stay longer 🙂 .

To enjoy stories about these travels of mine, please visit my travel blog: Amalia Travel


2 responses to “I Make Myself Laugh!

    • You know…I saw your message and it really came at just the right moment. Thank you for reminding me that I am living my dream…adventure, surprises, and most of all simply not knowing anything for sure, except that love is within me.
      I will keep on keeping on 🙂 Thanks so much again. You are much appreciated!

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