Gratitude for Achievements!

200 Followers AchievedEven the smallest of achievements are worth being recognized and celebrated. When we practice gratitude for small achievements, which I believe play an essential role in “large” achievements, we’re extending the power of that accomplishment. Picture the ripple effect…that drop of water into a smooth, still body of liquid. Ripple after ripple is created and it extends further and further out. All it takes is just that one little drop.

I just got one of those nifty notifications from WordPress that my travel blog, Amalia Travel, has now gained 200 followers…so I wanna celebrate by giving you thanks! Now, I realize that in essence I’m saying that 200 followers is small and that is mainly because I work in social media marketing and know that for certain results and goals to be achieved, larger numbers are a factor. That’s okay and that’s good…it’s the role that goals play in our lives and dreams. It’s different for each person according to our own, unique perspectives. My goals include having more followers, yet I want to never lose appreciation for each individual follower that I have. Someone out there in the world, was a part of putting me at that 200 mark. Thank you! And thank you to every person who is following me. You are a part of where I am with my travel blog and my writing, and for that I am extremely grateful. Although I travel alone most of the time, the stories and experiences of my travels are not enjoyed alone…as the reader, the blog-follower, you are companions with me on the journey.

Thank you! Celebrate with me today by giving thanks for the small achievements in your life. Maybe its something to do with your health, liking going to the gym or getting outside. Could it be taking a class on photography or a hobby you’re passionate about but have been putting off? Or maybe it was just getting out of bed today; perhaps deciding to be kind to yourself and letting expectations go? Who is a part of that for you? Who else does it touch and what other achievements do you think it could evolve into? It just takes a drop of water. It just takes that small achievement. Again, thank you…because most importantly and most powerfully, it only takes that one person.

2013-07-12 07.35.36

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